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Robin Hood army is a volunteer-based, zero funds organization that works purely on Volunteer power, they usually work with local restaurants, by picking up surplus food, and then distribute it among the homeless and the needy. 

Shakun Chowdhury, who volunteers for the Robin hood army and is an avid runner and cyclist recently told me that their group did something special. They got a birthday gift for a kid who wanted a cycle for a long long time. 

As per Shakun, during his last visit to the Kids colony, where Robin hood army organizes classes and distributes food,  he overheard the Kid telling his father that he wanted a cycle for his birthday, but the kid's father, who works as a cleanliness worker,   didn't have enough income to get it, as his own salary was reduced because of the Pandemic 

Shakun and Robin Hood army volunteers then started searching for a pre-loved cycle,  the owner of the cycle when heard that the cycle was being given to a kid, gave it for free, and Robin Hood Army then got it repaired and delivered it to the Kid on his birthday! 

You can't see the smile on the kids face, but you surely can see the joy the kid has while riding on his much-wanted cycle on his birthday! 

If you know of any such stories related to cycling, do reach out to us at ashish@desicycle.com, and we'll get in touch with you to publish them, you can also reach out to us in case you find more people who we can help. 

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