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Hero Cycles have added a new e-bike to their popular Lectro series of electric cycles, the model is called F6i, and comes with 27.5-inch wheels, and a 36v 6Ah battery, which hero claims can take the bike up to 60 kilometres on one full charge. 

The twist?  Unlike other Lectro Bikes, the battery is detachable ( The Lectro EHX 20 has this feature too, but it costs a whopping 1.3 Lakhs )

What does the F6i set you back with? 

The electric cycle will set you back by 49000 Rupees, though we expect the price to come down a bit when it actually goes in retail. 

The cycle has a better range than other lower-priced Lectro Bikes and e-bikes from other brands, Hero also is providing Bluetooth connectivity and an Android App to see details of battery and bike, and an RFID based locking mechanism. 

As usual, the bike comes with a rear hub-mounted 250W  BLDC Motor, which can take you to a max speed of 25KPH, which is the legal limit before motor two wheelers start requiring registration and licence. 

Here are the detailed specifications of the cycle as per the listing on Hero Cycles website: 

Lets us know what you think of Hero Lectro F6i? 

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