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 If you're an Indian Cyclist or have anything to do with Indian Cycling, you may be seeing such memes frequently in your timeline. 

And you may be scratching your head, thinking what is this Tata Winger thing, and what does it have to do with Cycling? 

Let us explain it to you, but before we start you must know the following things. 

- RAAM is the Race Across America, and vRAW is the virtual race organized by the organizers of RAAM of it being done via Zwift, which is a VR cycling platform, on which you can connect your cycling trainer and do certain races. 

- K2K here means Kashmir to Kanyakumari Cycling expedition, A category of Guinness world record, recently established by ultra racer Lt Col Bharat Kumar Pannu, by cycling 8 days 9 hours and 48 minutes. 

- Audax India( also known as Audax India Randonneurs) is a representative of Audax Club Parisien which holds/certifies all brevets ( ultra-long rides to be done in a fixed time period )

- The story begins with a certain Mr Vivek Shah announced that he is going to break the K2K world record, and has already started his journey on 21st November 2020, 2 days before the announcement was made. Vivek has earlier also participated in such ultra-endurance events ( both virtually and physically), and was caught cheating in one of the most prestigious and difficult virtual event ( vRAW) 

- Vivek was consistently covering 500+ kilometres every day and showed no signs of fatigue a rider should have. Some people became suspicious of his attempt and started their investigation

- A few of them started tailing his entourage and found him getting into his support vehicle ( A Tata Winger)and keeping the speed restricted to 25KPH for the long duration of the ride, Vivek intermittently got out of the vehicle and did do some riding, and photoshoots. But the majority chunk of the ride was a fraud.   He was being assisted by some people of his crew ( One of them being Pinky Jha, one of the Bicycle Mayors of India, who had earlier vouched for him too on separate occasions to be included in brevets at the last moment)

See the attached videos: 

His fraud is being called out by the passionate cycling community and is being turned into a series of memes that you frequently see on your timeline and popular cycling clubs. 

He and his associates have been banned by Audax India for life for the fraud. 

What is your opinion on this controversy? Do let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Gujrat ka naam roshan kiya hai winger baba ne... Hame Naaz hai...


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