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We all know cycling has been a boom in the Pandemic lockdown scenario with other means of workout and fitness, and even commute locked up, people have flocked to cycling like bees go to flower. 

Before the lockdown, the Cycling Industry was under huge stress, from cheap Chinese imports and growing costs of manufacturing and even the high 12% GST rate on cycles, which a few industry leaders have rallied against too. 

But now we're seeing a surge in manufacturing, cycling companies opening left and right, and online retailers starting their own brands too. 

The share market has also shown this sentiment, with cycling and cycle manufacturing-related stocks jumping huge amounts, but there lies a clear outlier among these stocks and winner. 

Tube Investments Cycles of India, also known as TI Cycles, the company behind popular brands like 
BSA, Hercules, Track & Trail, Montra, Roadeo, and Mach and authorized resellers of International Brands like GT, Ridley, Schwinn, and Brooks. 

Their stock has been on the uptick since the lockdown started deteriorating things for the majority of the economy, and shows no signs of slowing down! 

The stock price was Rs 258.80 on NSE on 1st April 2020, and today on 2nd December, at the time of writing of this post, it's with a massive increase of 321% at Rs 830.80!

 We all know how other cycling companies like Atlas and Avon have suffered and have even had suspension of business. 

The growth of Hero and TI in these times is a hope that cycling will surely become mainstream in India, some people are sceptical too that as soon as thing become normal, this growth will be wiped out and prices will be dropping, and the market will be filled with used cycles for sale. 

Please let us know more in the comments on your opinion on the cycling industry's growth and how it can be continued. 

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