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So you bought a new cycle, and you want to have a good cycling experience? The next thing you need to do is buy accessories that make it easier/safer for you to cycle. 


We at DesiCycle have come up with a category of accessories that you should think of buying. 


A lot of people think cyclists wearing a helmet look weird because in India we don't even wear a helmet for motorbikes, but trust me on this, YOU SHOULD WEAR A HELMET WHILE CYCLING.  It has saved me from severe injuries multiple times, you only realize the safety aspect of a helmet, after you go through a close incident.  

Here are some good budget helmets for you to buy 

Proberos® Bicycle Helmet on Amazon

Strauss Cycling Helmet on Amazon 

Btwin ST-50 Mountain Bike Helmet on Decathlon


Gloves improve your grip on the handlebar, and the padded ones also prevent pain from bumpy roads, They are also a piece of good protective equipment, because if you fall, you are most likely to prevent your fall using your hands, and you'll end up scraping your palms.  

Here are some good budget gloves for you to buy 

Btwin 100 Road Cycling Gloves 


You need a good pair of front and backlight if you intend to ride early morning before sunrise or after sunset.  Being able to see in the dark, or being seen by others is extremely important. 

Here are some good budget front and rear lights

TechZere Machfally Front light, 300 Lumens


A Bell will definitely save you a lot of Ire from clueless Jaywalkers who get angry and blame you for them not seeing you.  Get anything that is available.  

Bottle Cage and Water Bottle

If you live in humid weather, you'll definitely need to replenish the lost fluids due to sweat. A bottle cage allows you to carry water easily on the bike itself.  You can always go full pro and get yourself a hydration pack, but they cost a lot of money and cleaning them is a pain. 

A good bottle cage is 

FastPed Aluminium bottle cage


Okay, this is a controversial suggestion, but hear me out. A stand helps you park your bike anywhere with the least possibility of it getting scratched or scraped. Sure you can always do the park it against a wall if you disagree with me on this. Decathlon sells good quality stands

FastPed Universal Stand is a good stand as it mounts on the side instead of on the bottom. 

AVOID KICK STANDS ( the one that goes below the front chain and on the centre of the cycle) 

and use side stands ( the one that goes on the chainstay, or on the side of the cycle near the rear wheel ) 

Side Stands don't interfere during doing self-service on the bike. 


I am sure you know why you need a lock, if you want to continue to be in possession of your bike in the long term,  a lock is an easy way to do it.  
The kind of locks you'll get are:  

 - Cable ( both in Key and Combination ) 
 - U Locks  ( Safest, but heaviest ) 
 - Chain Locks ( Better than Cable locks ) 

Cable locks are the easiest available, and the cheapest too. They aren't the safest, as they can easily be cut using a plier, though if the thicker they are the harder they get to cut. 

If you have a doubt against Combination vs Keys.  Go for Combination locks with at least 5 numbers or more. The more the numbers the harder they are to open, as the usual tricks to open the combination locks takes longer. Key-based locks are only safe if you're responsible, it is quite easy to lose the tiny keys that they usually come with. 

U Locks are the safest, as they are fully made of solid metal and are almost impossible to cut through, but they are costly and are quite heavy because of their solid nature. 

Chain locks as the name suggests are made of thick chain links, and are safer than Cable locks,  but are quite expensive, and will most probably require you to have a U lock in combination with it.

If you're an old school person, you can always get the old school tyre lock on your cycle on which the key hangs while you ride, they are very very hard to cut! 

Anything is better than nothing. 

Some Budget Locks for you:

Electromania Cable lock 5 Numbers

Sportneet Chain link bike lock, 5 numbers

Btwin U Lock 

Do let us know your opinion on essential cycle accessories, what do you usually carry while riding? 

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